Rahim & Rahim upholds our commitment to quality, service and advancement in printing technology to our customers. With productive years of printing experience, our staff is expert in terms of handling industrial printing equipment for much smoother and productive workflow. This is why we are one of the leading producers of consumer and business to business printing needs.

Our highly skilled and dedicated employees strive to make our customers’ experience with us go beyond satisfactory. Our dynamic workforce are all set with the utmost graphical and technical skills to provide comprehensive support in the production of high quality prints to suit any kind of specification. Our premises located near Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi – Pakistan, which houses our state-of- the art facilities.

Mission “Perfection, precision and printing par excellence”.

Rahim & Rahim’s strategic success is a result of various contributing factors ever since our establishment in May 2000. Strengthened with dedicated team of professionals and undying faith of our customers.

We truly feel honored and proud to develop this arising enterprise and to see it growing from strength to strength. None of this could have been possible without optimism and team effort.

We started with the services of printing press, but we could not just confine our interests to this arena. Henceforth we have been fortunate & successful in expanding our group to digital media, branding solutions, printing technology, visual merchandising solutions and advertising.

The main gratification comes from providing apt employment opportunities for people, rendering them to prosper both personally & professionally.

Our Policy 

Rahim & Rahim one of the leading & well-known Organization in the printing of packaging & publication materials, is committed to provide high Quality printed products in an environmental friendly manner.

To achieve this commitment, we shall:

  • Bring smile on our customer’s face by meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations from our printing and packaging service.
  • Apply a responsible approach in the use of resources to contribute maximum possible in keeping a clean and green working environment.
  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements, including the control over pollution.
  • Continue to improve our quality & environmental performance through training, and demonstrating full compliance to the Company’s Integrated Management System.