It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Rahim and Rahim Enterprises. We began this company with nothing much more than a pocket full of dreams and it still takes me by surprise to see how far we have come. I am performing as Managing Director with a strong academic background and professional education in Business Administration, BBA and MBA (HRM). I am fond of saying that we built this company on three planks: quality, quality and quality.

Our team not only use the latest, most promising techniques, but they are constantly encouraged to develop quality products, experiment with new processes, even think new thoughts.

Our marketing team is energized by the desire to reach the customer in the most interesting and unexpected ways.Ours is a young company, in years and in attitude. We dream big and we are not afraid to try out even seemingly impossible ideas. We see ourselves as belonging to the third millennium and are driven to make a mark in every field that we enter. We are sometimes impatient with ourselves, but we have no fear of failure. We realize that some our most significant learning’s have come from our failures. And they have become stepping stones to our most significant successes.I want to drive the market – I don’t want to be driven by it.

My guiding principle is: change the market before it changes you.

We have been changing the market, changing products, changing processes, changing the consumer’s expectations and changing mindsets at an amazingly rapid pace.

But there are a few things we will not change.

Our passion for quality.

Our commitment to quantity.

And our concern for the customer. Now and for the decades to come

Malik Waqas Ahmed Rahim

Managing Director