Director Sales & Finance’s Message

Sales and Finance Department in Rahim & Rahim Enterprises is a highly important part of the corporate management team. Yes, all would say they are important, but sales team is directly responsible for the sales which go towards making profit. Accountants may make savings which affect the bottom line. A challenge and is excited by the thought of reaching company objectives through your sales leadership under my supervision.

Looking to create growth and find ways of actually doing it, but  need to understand our markets and supply chains, and also the internals working of my department – from top to bottom and inside out. The responsibility for profit and loss and providing direction to my department requires strong business acumen but also excellent communications and people skills.

By traveling and working long hours because there will always be people to see, places to go and meetings to attend – from suppliers, to clients to all sorts of stakeholders and affiliated companies but  lots of PR is playing a vital role. With your excellent communications and motivations skills, sometimes convincing others of your plans and cajoling for more resources.

A good Director is an ambassador for the company to the outside world but also a good political mover and shaker inside the company.

Good planning and organizational skills will help us immensely, but our personality and character are what count when we really want to get things done. A good knowledge of accounts and finance can make all the difference to the conviction with which I develop plans and strategies that others have to buy into.